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4-Speed Cooling Fan with Humidification

4-Speed Cooling Fan with Humidification

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❄️Quick Cool:Instant cooling with a button press
💡Eco-Smart:Saves energy, keeps comfort.
🌐Cool Anywhere: Portable for any space.
😷Air Health:Cleaner, moisturized air.

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    Product Material: ABS+PC

    Input Power: 7W

    Input Power: USB 5V/1.5A

    Product Colour Temperature: Colourful Light

    Maximum Wind Speed: ≥2.8 M/s

    Packing Size: 18x15.8x25.6cm/0.95kg

    Packing Size: 490x375x525mm/12.8kg/12pcs

    Packing List: Air Conditioner Fan + Charging Cable + Manual

    Product Certification: FCC CE ROHS



    - Four-speed Wind Speed Adjustment

    - Four Gear Timing Function

    - Cold Wind/natural Wind Mode Optional;

    The Water Tank Colourful Automatically Changes the Atmosphere Light, You Can Choose to Open/close;

    Adopt Double Ultrasonic Atomizer and Wet Curtain Triple Refrigeration;

    The Upper Water Tank Is Fully Airtight (≥700ml) Design, and Ice Cubes Can Be Placed in the Water Tank;

    A Condensate Water Tank Is Set at the Bottom of the Machine, Which Can Collect the Condensed Water Generated in the Process of Cold Air. After Being Collected by the Wet Curtain, It Can Be Evaporated by the Fan to Achieve the Effect of Cooling. The Drain Hole Is Set, and When the Water Level in the Water Tank Is Too High, It Can Be Drained Manually.

    Fine Mist Cooling, Using 4.5μm Atomizer, Long-term Blowing Will Not Wet the Body, Not Wet the Table.

    Adopt Whole Body Waterproof and Anti-blocking DC 12V Motor.

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    Feeling Overheated? How About a Personal Chill Zone?

    Escape the heat with our Electric Air Cooling Fans with Spray Humidifiers.

    Not only do they offer a quick cool-down with their efficient spray technology, but t, the built-in humidifier ensures that you breathe in clean, moisturized air, making it a must-have for allergy sufferers.

    Say goodbye to stuffy, dry air and hell hey also help in reducing your carbon footprint with their energy-saving design.

    Perfect for any room, they provide a portable solution to beat the heat wherever you go. Plus to a fresh, cool breeze.

    Portable USB Air Cooler with Mobile Phone Holder and Spray Function

    Ready for a Breath of Fresh Air?

    Imagine coming home after a long, sweltering day. You’re tired, overheated, and longing for relief.

    With our Electric Air Cooling Fans with Spray Humidifiers, you’ll step into an oasis of comfort.

    Feel the gentle mist kiss your skin, the cool breeze embrace you, and the purified air refresh your senses.

    It’s not just about staying cool; it’s about transforming your space into a haven.

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