Desktop Electric USB Cooling Fan with Water Cooling Spray

Air Cooler with Multi-Color

IcyPuff’s Chroma Breeze: Where Cool Meets Kaleidoscope. Immerse yourself in a symphony of hues as our Air Cooler dances through the spectrum. From tranquil blues to fiery reds, it’s not just about cooling; it’s about painting your space with emotion.

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4-Speed USB Cooling Fan with Humidification

4-Speed Cooling Fan with Humidification

IcyPuff’s Oasis Whisper: Embrace the Symphony of Coolness and Mist. Discover the art of comfort with our 4-Speed Cooling Fan, a masterpiece that blends a refreshing breeze with a delicate mist.

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Portable USB Air Cooler with Mobile Phone Holder and Spray Function

Mute Desktop Spray Cooling Fan

IcyPuff’s Serene Mist: Silence and Freshness in Harmony. Experience the whisper-quiet serenity of our Mute Desktop Fan, where each breeze is a stroke of coolness, each spray a veil of mist.

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Unveil a world of cool comfort with our innovative cooling fans. Each product is a breath of fresh air. Our goal is to help homeowners create a space that promotes productivity, creativity, and focus, and enhances their quality of life.

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